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We got a new kitten. Now what?

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

Congratulations! You have a new kitten! Kitten’s are bundles of joy and energy and chaos all in one small being. The good news is that you are going to do great. Kittens have lots of love to give, and they need attention, love, the right food and a litter box- that’s it!

You should probably get these things.

Kittens love to chew and play. Fishing pole cat toys protect your fingers from being mistakenly bitten and can be great for tiring your little one out. Laser lights are fantastic, as well as some kitten-safe ping pong balls that allow self-play time. Kittens love scrunched up paper balls and some will often fetch these! Keep the food the same for the first few weeks to prevent diarrhea from sudden diet changes. You’ll need unscented clumping litter and a good sized litter box. Clean the litter box every 2 days and change it completely once every 2 weeks. A set of nail trimmers will keep their claws dull and prevent scratching of furniture. Hillside Veterinary Clinic offers free nail trims for life to all patients!

When to go to the vet.

Kittens are given vaccines at 8, 12, and 16 weeks. You should visit your vet right away to make sure that your new addition is healthy. Kittens can often suffer from runny eyes, a cough, sneezing or a runny nose caused by an upper respiratory infection. If you suspect this, contact your vet. If you notice any diarrhea, your kitten may have an intestinal worm- bring a stool sample with you and have the stool tested. It’s important to also keep a close eye out for vomiting, and let your veterinary team know when this happens.

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