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We have been caring for pets as if they were our own for over 30 years and we wouldn’t want to do anything else. We treat every patient with the love and care they all deserve.


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Dr. Jennifer

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Dr. Brendon

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Dr. Jennifer Webb

Dr. of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Jenn grew up in the country, just outside of Orangeville. After working as a veterinarian in Barrie, Orangeville and Mississauga, she decided to call Newmarket her home. Who wouldn’t want to? The food, the culture and the people of Newmarket are great!

Dr. Jenn is passionate about pain relief, soft tissue surgery and feline medicine. If she was to be an animal, it would be a cat. Why? The eating, sleeping, lying around in the sun really is the life! If she could pick a super power, she would want to teleport places. Her favourite place is her family’s cottage in Muskoka or Saba Island in the caribbean. The most inspiring part of her job comes from the doggy kisses and kitty headbutts she receives. It really is a sign that animals like their veterinarian and she takes pride in knowing she’s not only delivering the best care, but that the animals feel comfortable and loved, as they should! She recharges by reading and playing computer games. She recently ticked something off of her bucket list, traveling to europe! Central America and New Zealand travel are still on her list of places to visit. You will love Dr. Webb and her sensitive, soft demeanor when you meet her. We’re lucky to have her!

Dr. Stefanie Kratochvil

Dr. of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. K is someone you may have met at one of your recent visits. She’s kind, warm, and is a phenomenal veterinarian. Stef’s favourite place is anywhere with warm weather, great food and good friends. That being said she’s also a huge fan of Bali (if you have yet to visit, add it to the bucketlist!). Her favourite local restaurant like Jess is also Ground Burger Bar. Stef recharges with sleep, yoga, ice cream and getting out into nature. Eating ice-cream while sleeping in a yoga position outside is something she’s still trying to perfect, but you get the picture!

If she wasn’t a veterinarian, she would likely be a travel food blogger. Stef is a self-proclaimed cat whisperer, which if you’ve ever met her, you’d completely understand. She’s soft and comforting and one of her goals as a veterinarian is to always try her best to help improve the relationship between people and their pet, as much as she is able to. Your four legged family members are in good hands with Dr. K

Dr. Brendon Laing

Dr. of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Brendon is proud to be a second generation veterinarian. He has the distinct pleasure of practicing with his father for 5 years before becoming a co-owner at Hillside. When he isn’t caring for his patients, you can find him actively involved in the community; he has been providing veterinary advice as Whistle Radio’s resident veterinarian for the past 4 years and loves presenting to children at his local 4H club. Dr. Laing also currently sits on the OVMA and Healthy Pets board of directors and where he helps shape the future of the veterinary profession.

You won’t find Brendon relaxing on a white sandy beach. He enjoys backpacking and camping adventures. His favourite adventure to date was getting up close and personal with the African wildlife while camping in the national parks of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. If Brendon had a super power, he would be Iron Man! The best advice he’s ever been given is to push yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with. He lives by this and strongly believes great things happen with this life philosophy. Brendon does what he does to help strengthen the bond between pets and their family. He loves what he does and it shows.

Dr. Zaynab Satchu

Dr. of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Zay is one of our practice owners and works hard to ensure that your pet is treated in a facility where the medicine, their care and wellbeing are always prioritized. If she could be any animal, she’d be an elephant roaming the African savannahs. Her favourite place is really any beach with aqua blue water where she can relax but also enjoy scuba diving in. She’s had the luxury of scuba diving in several cities, but her most revered was off the coast of Turks and Caicos watching beautiful 6 foot reef sharks swim by. Her favourite meal was at SnackMrkt in Newmarket, a delightful, fun tapas joint!

The one thing that is at the top of her bucket list is sky diving. She hopes to tick this off this Summer, 2018! Dr. Satchu enjoys working with cats, dogs, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds- basically anything that will fit through the front door! The most inspiring part of her job is the moment when a sick animal feels better, and their pet-parent sees the difference in their lives. It’s a truly wonderful thing to be lucky enough to be a part of.

Heather Peden

Registered Veterinary Technician

Heather is our clinic ‘bundle of energy’! She’s bright and free-spirited and really goes out of her way for the animals that visit Hillside Vet. The craziest thing Heather did was fly out to Nova Scotia for a visit, and end up spending an entire summer there! Her local meal recommendation is Lemar’s Pizza which is located in Bradford, a 15 minute drive from the clinic and totally worth it! Heather’s most valuable piece of advice is to never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game. We know she lives this in her every day as she loves learning new ways to do things. She recharges by horseback riding or being super lazy in bed with chips and netflix.

At the top of Heather’s bucket list is a backpacking trip through Europe, specifically Scotland and Italy as this is her heritage. Heather is passionate about pet owner education, as it is so important and integral in the health and well being of the animals that walk through our doors. They can’t speak for themselves, and it’s our job as veterinary professionals to make sure that we provide as much information about their wellbeing as we possibly can.



Registered Veterinary Technician

Amanda is one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians who’s warm demeanor will fill your entire day with joy! She loves her job and loves the animals that come through the door more. One of the craziest things she’s done is switching from a career in the beauty industry to one in the veterinary world- we’re so lucky she did! If she could be any animal, it would be a high maintenance indoor cat- the lounging in the sun, being fed on command, more lounging followed by a world of love and affection from your pet humans? We see the appeal.

Her restaurant of choice is Astoria in Newmarket that she feels has the ‘BEST TZATIKI EVER!’. Amanda looks at the treatment of animals in our clinic as the most inspiring part of what she does. She loves seeing the excitement from the animals, being reunited with their humans, and this fuels her in her every day. She does what she does for the betterment of our 4-legged counterparts.

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